- Ovo je pisala ruka jednog mog veoma bliskog ortaka... Ovo je viđenje užasne scene iz njegovog ugla...

- Leskovac, 14.12.2011. godina, 11:30h.

- Lokacija: Vlajkova ulica, Hemijska škola,

- I was just entering the street, smal and narow one. It was next to one local highcshool. I passed the school few moments ago and thought how worm and beautifful day was so lot of kids were there in school yard, enjoying little brake.

- Suddnaly i heard loud sound of clashed metal and broken glass. I turned around and sow little truck demaged by the hit from another vehicle. So there was a lot of people gettering to see what hapened. I didn't want to see cose i don't like the crowd or beaing part of it. But after a moment of pause I went to see what happened. I sow another car also demaged on the sidewalk. Than I turned to school gate and sow some Jeep inside. Prety crashed too. Than I sow something trrifying. A solid wall fence was broken by force of hit from that Jeep. And I sow a young girl, a student lieing down and trying to call for help. A lot of people were around her. Some woman were crying, people were yeling, some were saying that they should move her to more suitin position, others were yeling that her bones are broken and not to move her before they fix her neck, arms and legs. She was all in blood, and her jaw was most likely broken. There was a blood in her mouth, and her frightened eyes were trying to call for help. She didn't cry. She was in shock, but still aware.

- Ambulance came. My friend was holding her hand and telling her that usual phrase how everithyng will be ok. He took that with such strong emotions. He was holdin her and she didn't letting go his hand. She was crashed.

- The driver did several sevire traffic lows vailations, and was drunk too. He didn't have a scrach anywhere. He was mumling something how he hited his head. He was showing to the cops where he suffered trauma. He suffered? Not a scrach on him. Last words i heard were from Field doctor. That lady was just keep saying: "As long we save her spine..."

- Police made us leave the scene. My friend was taking a video of that. He wanted to beat a insane driver. He almost got arrested. Driver was a 72 yo ex highly ranked political figure.

- The girl was moved from Leskovac city hospital to Nis clinical center. Doctors ascertained massive internal bleading, brocken pelvis and couple of leg and arm bones. Neck was hurted badly as well. She is in criticall condition now. I hope that she will not only survive than full recover. I realy hope to it.

- Young girl by name Milena, just 18 years old, was with her friends in school yard enjoing a lovely day. Next moment she was bearly alive...

... This hapened today about noon, and mourning was just like any other for little Milena...

                                                                                ... by Milan


P.S. - Hvala ortak što rame uz rame stojiš kraj mene u borbi protiv zločinaca, koji su klali i koji i dalje kolju Leskovac sa svojih visokih funkcija, i u borbi protiv ubijanja mladosti koja nestaje, sada već, abnormalnom brzinom. Takođe ti dugujem zahvalnost zato što se moliš Bogu i nadaš da će naša Milena preživeti...

P.S. 2 - Izdrži Milena, bori se... Živi! Moraš da živiš! Nisi sama, NAŠE SRCE KUCA ZA TEBE! Bože, spasi je... preklinjem Te!